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About Noel Taylor Agency Financial Services

45 years of experience.

Our Expert Team

Below are the wonderful people that make up the NTA team. To learn more about them, press “Read More” below.  They are all an important part of meeting your needs and goals!


Lamar Brabham

CEO & Founder

Lamar’s leadership sets a standard of excellence and character that his clients have grown to trust.

Sandy Brabham

President & Co-Founder

After earning an MBA from George Washington University in 1977, Sandy Brabham entered the Insurance industry in April of 1985 as a representative for Colonial Supplemental Insurance. 


David Rothfuss

Financial Agent

With a fueling passion to help others, David Rothfuss entered into the financial industry 17 years ago. Today, he helps each of his clients create legacies that they are proud of.

Samantha Marsha

Samantha Marsh


Samantha was part of the NTA family for many years and has recently rejoined our team.  She has over 10 years of financial service experience in the insurance industry.

The NTA Way

At Noel Taylor Agency Financial Services, we assist our neighbors and friends in the Southeast, United States to get on track towards a secure financial future heading into retirement. We value our community and all those within it, working everyday to offer them a variety of financial products to pave a path towards reaching their financial goals. Their needs, goals and demands are the foundation on which we have built our business, and our greatest fulfillment lies in seeing our clients living the retired life they’ve always dreamed of.

Serving our Community

We are proud of where we come from, and we know that you are too! We value our community and those that are in it. That is why we want to see each and every community member of the Southeast United States get on track towards financial security. We are here to help!