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45 Years of Experience in the financial industry

Lamar and Sandy Brabham have spent decades serving couples and families, helping them achieve their financial goals and pursue a retirement that they’ve always wanted. Their years of expertise has crafted them into well-rounded financial professionals, ready to help you get where you’ve always wanted to be. Whatever that may look like for you!

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We care about the trust that you place in us. We know that planning for your future can be intimidating, so we walk you through each step.



Our decades of experience is the foundation of our business. We have gained invaluable knowledge through all of the clients we have had. 


Custom Planning

We pride ourselves on designing custom plans to help our clients navigate the complex financial world.  We take our time getting to know you so that we are able to craft the best possible plan tailored to your needs.

Meet our Founder

Lamar Brabham

From the early days spent establishing our first savings account to the day we retire, our life and career are made up of stages, each with their own challenges and opportunities. For over 45 years, Lamar Brabham, president of Noel Taylor Agency has delivered real solutions to support hundreds of clients through every step of their journey.

Initially specializing in the individual market, Lamar founded NTA, a full-service insurance agency in 1995 with his wife Sandy Brabham. Lamar’s vast experience and dedication has earned him a stellar reputation within the financial industry as a highly esteemed professional.

Always aiming to provide cost effective solutions.

Three Steps

What to expect

The NTA Process

1. Know Your Goals

In your first meeting, one of our agents will take the time to discuss your goals and get to know you. No products will be discussed in this meeting, simply conversation about who you are and what you need.

2. Map the Path

After assessing your goals and needs, your agent will map your financial plan and discuss it with you. You will be filled in on every aspect of the plan! The plan will not be implemented until you are all on the same page. 

3. Implement the Plan

During your third meeting, the plan will be implemented and any last loose ends will be tied up. From there on out, your agent will review your plan and ensure that you are still on track for meeting your goals. Adjustments will be made appropriately, but not without your approval. 

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